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Tropical Leaves


PER KG SERVICES: a minimum weight of (2 kg) is required. Any weight below this minimum will be subject to the full price. 5-Hour Express Service is available for orders placed by (1 pm). Final order must be placed before closing (8 pm) and will be processed the following day.



At Heavenly Laundry, we strive to provide exceptional laundry services. However, there are certain limitations and considerations that we want our valued customers to be aware of:

Stain Removal: While we make every effort to remove stains, complete stain removal cannot be guaranteed due to factors such as stain type, fabric composition, and pre-treatment limitations.

Premium stain removal: You will be charged 100% of the price if the stain is completely removed, 50% if it is partially reduced, and there will be no charge if we are unable to remove it.

Invisible Stains: Heavenly Laundry is not liable for stains commonly caused by sunblock, acne medication, whitening toothpaste, hair spray, beverages (soda, fruit juices, wine / champagne) oil substances, and honey known as “invisible stains”. They may appear as yellow, pink, white stains only after washing and cannot be removed unless pretreated before washing.


Clothing Care Labels: Heavenly Laundry is not liable for any damage caused to articles without proper clothing care labels or instructions. It is important to provide accurate care information during the drop-off or pick-up process.


Luxury and Special Care Items: For items designated as luxury or requiring special care, such as delicate fabrics, fur, or leather, customers must explicitly mention these details during pick-up or drop-off. Failure to do so releases Heavenly Laundry from liability for any damage or deterioration.


Missing or Damaged Buttons, Zippers, or Embellishments: Heavenly Laundry is not responsible for missing or damaged buttons, zippers, or other embellishments unless they are directly caused by our negligence. We recommend checking and securing these items before submitting garments for cleaning.


Natural Color Fading: We are not liable for any natural color fading that may occur during the wash and dry process, especially with new clothes. It is important to note that new garments may contain excess dye that has not been properly set, causing them to release color during washing. Our carefully selected products do not contain chemicals known to cause color fading or bleaching effects. We use oxygen bleach, which is safe for both whites and colors.


Natural Shrinkage: Please note that natural fabrics, including linen, may experience slight shrinkage during the cleaning process, especially with new clothes. This is primarily due to the initial tension and compactness of the fabric's fibers, which can relax and contract when exposed to water and heat. While we take precautions to minimize shrinkage, it is a characteristic of some materials and cannot be entirely eliminated.


Heavenly Laundry reserves the right to refuse to clean any garment that we believe may be damaged or compromised during the cleaning process. We reserve the right to refuse service if a customer uses aggressive language, including cursing, insulting, or demeaning behavior.



Reporting Damage or Loss: Any damage or loss must be reported to Heavenly Laundry within 24 hours of delivery. Reports received after this deadline will not be eligible for compensation.


Compensation for Damaged Items: In the event of damage, compensation will be provided in the form of store credit only. The damaged items must be inspected in person by management to determine the appropriate compensation amount, which will not exceed 5 times the service price of the damaged item(s).


Non-Cleanable or Personal Items: Heavenly Laundry is not responsible for any loss or damage to non-cleanable or personal items left in the clothing or laundry bags, including money, jewelry, or any other valuables. Customers are advised to remove such items before submitting their garments for cleaning.


Force Majeure: Heavenly Laundry accepts no liability for any loss or damage of articles due to force majeure conditions, including but not limited to fire, burglary, natural disasters, or any other unforeseen circumstances beyond reasonable control.


Uncollected Items: Any items left uncollected for a period exceeding 30 days from the date stated on the receipt will be considered abandoned. Heavenly Laundry reserves the right to dispose of these items at its discretion.


Payment: Payment must be made in full before receiving laundry back from Heavenly Laundry: Bank transfer, QR, card, or cash payments only. All payments made are non-refundable. 


By utilizing the services of Heavenly Laundry, customers agree to adhere to these terms and conditions.

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