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Bali's Premier Eco Laundry

Treat your laundry with the care they deserve while also minimizing our environmental impact.​


Laundry with a Purpose.

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Why Choose Heavenly?


Hypoallergenic  & Non-Toxic

Our plant-based detergent and fabric softener are hypoallergenic and non-toxic. Gentle on the skin and the planet. Suitable for babies and children.

Our Heavenly Laundry Sprays are natural disinfectants that provide an organic scent to your laundry. Color-safe and non-toxic.


100% plant-based and biodegradable cassava packaging. 


Advanced Water Filtration System

Our state-of-the-art filtration technology guarantees that every wash is performed with crystal-clear, impurity-free water, enhancing fabric care.


Pickup and Delivery Services

Enjoy our free pick-up & delivery service for customers within 6km of our location. Just send us a message to schedule your Pickup now! Slots are limited. 


Temp-Controlled Drying Room

The next evolution of traditional sun drying, our sterile, controlled environment optimally dries your garments, preserving their quality, and ensuring your laundry is dry regardless of the weather.


Professionally Trained Staff

With over a decade of professional experience and training in 5-star hotel laundry services, our manager brings unparalleled expertise to both garment care and staff training. 



Premium Hand Wash

Try our premium hand wash service as an eco-friendly alternative for (most) of your dry-clean only items. Incorporating gentle hand cleaning techniques followed by hang drying in our drying room.


Price: (per kg)           Rp 22,000

  • Two Day Service 

  • Minimum 2kg

  • Free Pick Up & Delivery (<6km)

  • Pick Up and Delivery spots are limited, please book in advance! 

All Prices exclude 21% Service Surcharges


Price: (per kg)             Rp 44,000

  • Full Service

  • Minimum 2 kg

  • Free Pick Up & Delivery (<6km

  • Laundry must be collected or delivered by 1pm

  • Pick Up and Delivery spots are limited, please book in advance! 


Price: (per kg)           Rp 33,000

  • Full Service

  • Minimum 2 kg

  • Free Pick Up & Delivery (<6km)

  • Laundry must be collected or delivered by 3pm

  • Pick Up and Delivery spots are limited, please book in advance! 



Do you offer dry-cleaning?

No. Instead of offering dry cleaning which contains toxic chemicals, we use a specialized "wet-cleaning" process or premium hand wash that can effectively clean certain dry-clean only items.

Our experienced team has successfully processed many types of dry-clean only items, including silk, suits, wool coats, and formal dresses.

If you're interested, please send us pictures of your dry-clean only items via WhatsApp +6281138722211.

Do you offer sun-dry or hang-dry?

We provide indoor hang drying with a minimum turnaround time of two days. 

For Per KG Services, there is an additional fee of Rp5,000/kg with a minimum of 2kg. 

Per Item Services, do not incur any additional fees for indoor hang drying. 

Indoor hang dry ensures that your laundry is efficiently dried, regardless of the weather conditions and in a more sterile environment. 

However, it does require more electricity to power the indoor drying room, hence the additional fee for Per KG services.

Do you offer pick-up and delivery?

Yes, we provide complimentary pick-up and delivery services for customers located within a 6km radius of our store.


Minimum 2 kg is required.

Please keep in mind that slots are limited. 

What services do you offer?

We offer both Per KG and Per Pieces

laundry services. 

Per KG items are machine-washed and dried.

Per Pieces items are premium hand-washed and indoor air-dried for delicate and special care items this includes shoes and bags.

We do not offer alterations / repairs

 including sewing or tailoring services.

Only front shoe sole repair.

Do you offer stain removal?

Yes, we offer premium stain removal services. While we strive for complete stain removal,

we cannot guarantee it. 

Stain removal policy: you're charged 100% if the stain is completely removed, 50% if it's partially removed, and no charge if we can't remove it.

How do you operate as an eco-laundry?

Our detergent, fabric softener, laundry spray, cassava packaging, and cleaning products are plant-based and 100% non-toxic, biodegradable. 


We carefully select items that are beneficial for both your laundry and the environment.


Heavenly Laundry invites you to experience our upgraded amenities, including a fully integrated filtered water system and a temperature-controlled indoor drying room, ensuring reliable and clean laundry service.


As a full-service laundry, we're passionate about delivering premium services that serve all your needs including Per Kg & Per Item Services, Hand-Wash, Bag, Shoe, Luggage Cleaning, Pick-Up & Drop-Off services and much more.

Our standard operating procedures (SOPs) have been carefully designed to align with our mission of reducing our environmental impact while treating your garments with the care they deserve.


By choosing plant-based products and packaging (say no to plastic and dry cleaning) we understand the importance of preserving the planet for future generations and are committed to doing our part through the use of eco-practices in our daily operations.

We look forward to taking care of all your laundry needs!

Much Love,

Heavenly Team



Heavenly Laundry Canggu

Jl. Raya Canggu No.165

Canggu, Bali 80351




Mon - Sun: 8am - 8pm

Excluding Holidays and Special Occasions​​

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